My fine art photography represents forgotten places, locations which were once inhabited, celebrated by people but now empty and deserted.

To be clear, it is my analysis about comprehending the world around me, filtered through my travels. These collections of landscapes and architectures, captivate me because they present a particular time, during a worldwide pandemic, where people can no longer engage in the simple beauties of life. Instead, people are locked down and required to live indoors with hardly any contact with the outside world. My photographs represent locations without man’s interaction due to the fear of a virus which caused these locations to become desolate and deserted. 2020 is an interesting time in history, where living indoors is the new norm. Social and community gatherings are beginning to become non-existent and travel restrictions keep us at bay. My work takes the perspective of people looking through a window at places they can no longer go due to the COVID-19 virus outbreak