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Soft white sand, calm blue waters and radiant sunlight makes Tulum one of the best travel destinations to disconnect from your daily lifestyle. Located on the eastern coast of Mexico, South of Cancun. Tulum has made a reputation for itself, boasting a chill vibe and laid back atmosphere, it’s extremely hard to overlook this precious gem.

Breakfast at MI Amor

Hosting a great selection of small restaurants, boutique hotels, shopping and activities right along beach road. This place will return your soul to absolute peace. You can find a variety of food from traditional chilaquiles for breakfast at MI Amor to a healthy combination of acai bowls at Raw Love.

Furthermore, boutique hotels in the area seem to make things more inviting. I recommend staying at La Zebra. With friendly staff serving fresh watermelon juice upon arrival, full access to the beach where you’ll spend your days reading a book in a cabana bed or practicing yoga at sunrise, relaxation is inevitable. Keep in mind high season is normally December through April. So, make sure you reserve your room at least 2-3 months in advance. If hotels are not your thing than opt for an Airbnb for a more intimate and private stay. For those who find it hard to relax the entire vacation, there is hope for you. Located less than 30-minutes from beach road lies the ancient Tulum Ruins. Take a moment and indulge yourself in rich Mayan history with fascinating structures built right on the coast. Book a tour or go solo. Either way the experience will be something to remember. Whether, you’re looking to get away with your friends or that special someone Tulum, Mexico is at the top of our list of places to unplug from your busy lifestyle. Start planning your trip today.



The weather was very humid in the month of July. At least 80-90% humidity throughout my stay. A portable fan and a small towel maybe needed if you plan on walking anywhere. According to the locals, July and August seem to be the hottest months. Tulum is warm all year around. However, If you like cooler temperatures than December or January might be the months for you averaging

around 75°F (25°C)


A successful trip in many cases relies on what you packed. If you did not bring mosquito repellant than your trip can quickly turn sideways. With a few tips we can prevent that from happening. Here are a few brands I used to protect myself from natures sneakiest creatures: DEET, OFF! Deep Woods Sportsmen Insect Repellent Up to 10 Hrs protection from mosquitoes and Biting Flies. Mosquito Repellant Bands DEET Free but contains Citronella.

I was told to bring a flashlight but I wasn’t sure why. So, I brought one anyway. Jungle road gets pretty dark with hardly any light. The hotel provides a flashlight but if you need more light, it’s best to bring your own.

Sunscreen is necessary. The sun is pretty brutal if you’re not used to it. I’m from the Midwest, so, I no idea what I was getting myself into but I did come prepared. I recommend buying something that contains at least 30 SPF broad spectrum UVA/UVB protection.

I personally love the Spanish language but I’m not as sharp as I would like to be. So, it’s a good idea to bring some sort of offline pocket translator: Google translator worked for me. Just make sure you download the offline version just in case you don’t have network service.

3. Transportation

It took about 1hr 45min to get to La Zebra (my hotel) from Cancun airport (CUN). Once I arrived, the staff was extremely friendly and the rooms were clean. I had a wonderful time at La Zebra and can’t wait to go back! Traveling from place to place from Jungle road was fairly easy. Taxi driver's are constantly driving up and down the road trying to get your attention. I listed a few places not too far from La Zebra but too far to walk. This should give you an average cost for a taxi during my stay.

Transportation routes:

  • La Zebra to Mi Amor – 130 Pesos

  • MI Amor to Tulum Ruins – 100 Pesos

  • Tulum Ruins to Town – 100 Pesos

  • Town to La Zebra – 130 Pesos

  • Mateos to Gitano’s – 80 Pesos

  • Here are a few guidelines regarding tips in and around the hotel:

  • Tip housekeeping 200 Peso

  • Taxi drivers don’t expect tips unless they help with bags.

  • Typically, tip the shuttle $10 USD


Here's a few restaurants to check out!

Templo del Dios del Viento


Tulum Ruins:

Admission fee: 70 pesos

Consent of the use of electronic devices for video recording: 45 pesos

Note: The use of drones is not allowed within the archaeological site area, in order to guarantee safety of visitors and to avoid potential damage to the cultural heritage.

No drones zone, photography is allowed but no tripod. Recording video was prohibited without purchasing a media ticket.

Once you’re inside the humidity was reasonably high. Only a few places have shade so, you’re directly exposed to the suns rays. So, make sure you wear comfortable shoes, bring water to stay hydrated and an umbrella to protect you if you can’t be in the sun that long.


Currency: Mexican Peso

Language: Spanish

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