Unforgettable Memories | FEATURED WORK


I remember the first time I visited New York. It was around September, so there was no need to worry about snow…yet. If you’re from the Midwest then you know exactly what I am talking about. It seemed like smooth sailing at first, traffic was heavy, horns were honking as I entered the downtown area via taxi.

Crazy as it sounds, I have never been to a city of such magnitude. The buildings were literally towering over me. I started to feel a bit overwhelmed, the feeling of anxiety and fear rose up as if I was attending my first day in elementary school. I was nervous about my classmates. I wondered if I would fit in or not. I was shy and I didn’t really say too much. That same feeling tried to engulf me as I stepped out of the taxi.


I couldn’t believe I was going through a series of moods. I owe it all to unfamiliarity. One thing I found quite difficult to shake as a child. I never really got over it that day but the more I photographed the city the more familiar I became and it significantly reduced my anxiety.

I feel like that moment taught me to keep trying to overcome my fear until the problem no longer existed. Being patient with yourself can open doors which were once locked.